Tweedvale Milk

Proudly South Australian & Family Owned

Award Winning Dairy Products – Fresh Each Day From The Adelaide Hills

Tweedvale Milk is known and trusted for its traditional real milk flavour that remains consistent year round. Pasteurised and un-homogenised, Tweedvale Milk is sourced from several small dairy farms around the pristine Adelaide Hills, South Australia. 

Handled with love and respect in Lobethal, the milk is processed with minimal intervention, delivering a quality product that is honest and tastes better than anything else on the market.  

The Adelaide Hills Region has long been known to produce some of the best milk and fresh produce in the state due to its altitude and climate.  Over the last twenty years, this sleeping giant of the food industry has been slowly cultivating new industries in viticulture and wine, gin, beer, cheese, chocolate, jams, ciders and a greater focus on the excellent german cakes and breads that have been made here since we were children. 

All of this led to the Adelaide Hills becoming home to some of South Australia’s most sought after restaurants and cafes – capitalising on the regions quality produce and outstanding views.  Tweedvale is proud to be part of the Adelaide Hills story and we believe that our region makes the difference to the flavour profile of our product.

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Barista Preferred Milk

Baristas know they get the best results when working with quality ingredients. Which is why Cafes and restaurants around the state prefer Tweedvale Milk. They can rely on the consistent quality of milk to pair best with the coffee flavour, delivering a creamy froth every time, year round.  

Proudly South Australian

Tweedvale Milk has been supplying South Australian restaurants, cafes and independent retailers with award winning Milk and Cream for over 30 years. They have a very loyal following that has been built up over the years and they appreciate every single one of them. 


Award Winning & Quality Assured Milk

Tweedvale Milk has consistently won awards for flavour, texture and performance every year for over 12 years. Processed fresh each day, in small batches from each small local dairy, they check and test each batch of milk to ensure the same consistent award winning product is delivered to your businesses and homes each day. 

Local & Fresh Milk & Cream

Tweedvale Milk is sourced from cows who live contented, stress free lives in the pristine environs of the Adelaide Hills.  The herds are fed a specific balance of quality feed all year around and are cared for by proud South Australian farmers on some of the smallest dairy farms in the state.  The farmers know that the extra love and care makes a difference to the end product.  With their help, Tweedvale Milk consistently delivers quality products that customers love, fresh and delicious each and every day. 

Tweedvale Full Cream Milk

Full of flavour and consistently producing athicker, creamier foam, Tweedvale Full Cream Milk has become the astute barista’s preferred weapon behind the steamer.

Want Tweedvale in your Cafe?

Baristas know the magic happens when you’re working with quality ingredients. Developed to pair perfectly with coffee, Tweedvale Milk’s body, taste and texture all work perfectly to make your milky coffees be the best they can be, all year round. 

The most seamless order and delivery service

Proudly SA Owned & Family Operated

The family at Tweedvale Milk are passionate about delivering a quality product that is less processed, more honest and tastes better than anything else on the market. They continue to be driven by the desire to have an outstanding product that sets the benchmark for better coffee, and ensuring a quality, local choice on the supermarket shelves that customers can rely on.

Award Winning Products

Not ones to blow their own trumpets, Tweedvale like to let the milk do its own talking. Tweedvale Milk has been winning awards for it’s products regularly since entering into the Dairy Industry Association Awards (DIAA) in 2008.

Locals Supporting Locals

South Australians are amazing, and we continue to be grateful for the support our business has received.

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