Tweedvale Milk For Cafes & Restaurants

The Tweedvale Difference

Producing consistent, quality and award winning real milk is what we know and love. Tweedvale Milk is sourced from small dairy farms around the Adelaide Hills, and they work closely with the farmers to ensure the cows live a stress-free, contented life, eating a balanced diet of dry and green feed all year round. This allows them to trust that the  milk will be consistently creamy and full bodied year round. 

We love our customers, as they are the reason we come to work everyday to lovingly process and bottle the freshest South Australian milk and cream. 

We understand your needs as a busy hospitality owner, and serving you is always at the forefront of our minds. 

We have partnered with Deliver It, another great South Australian business who deliver our products with a smile right to your fridges or coolrooms, even rotating your stock as they go.

Our ordering system is as simple as it can be, as we understand that your requirements fluctuate with the days of the week and the season. With simple online ordering, you can easily know all your milk requirements will be delivered that day or the next morning.

Why Make the Switch to Tweedvale Milk?

Barista Preferred Milk

Baristas know that the magic comes when they work with the best ingredients. Having a full cream and a reduced fat milk that are both full bodied, creamy and full of texture to stretch perfectly and balance the flavour of the coffee bean, means they can get a perfectly steamed milk each time, all year round.

Proudly South Australian

As a family run, South Australian business, we understand the loyalty to supporting other local businesses. We continue to be grateful for all of the support as we have been supplying South Australian restaurants and cafes with our award winning Milk and Cream for over 30 years. 

Supporting Small Farmers

Tweedvale Milk is a family owned business in the Adelaide Hills who continues to support and work closely with some of the smallest Dairy Farms in South Australia.  We believe small farms and herds impact on the flavour of the end product as each animal is treated with care and dignity.  

Award Winning

Tweedvale Milk offers products that have consistently won awards for flavour, texture and performance every year for over 12 years. Our milk is cherished by barista’s all over the state and our cream is treasured by chef’s in all the best restaurants in town.  

Featured Products

Tweedvale Milk is sourced from cows who live a contented, stress free life, and are fed a specific balance of quality dry and green feed all year around.  Each of the cows are cared for by proud South Australian farmers on some of the smallest dairy farms across the state, who know that the extra effort makes a difference to the end product, all year round. This is how they continue to deliver such quality and consistent milk, that customers love, fresh and delicious each and every day.

Tweedvale Traditional Full Cream Milk

Full of flavour and consistently producing a thicker, creamier foam, Tweedvale Milk has become the astute barista’s preferred weapon behind the steamer.  

Tweedvale Reduced Fat Milk

With the perfect balance of reduced fat content, yet still containing the body and richness to create a thick and creamy foam, the Tweedvale Reduced Fat Milk is perfect for the discerning health conscious customer. 

Tweedvale Pure Double Cream

100% natural, with no additives, thickeners, or preservatices. Simply real cream.

Tweedvale Pure Pouring Cream

100% natural, with no additives, thickeners, or preservatices. Simply real cream.

Locals Supporting Locals

South Australians are amazing, and we continue to be grateful for the support our business has received.

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